I’m a self-confessed geek with a passion for history, reading, politics and social justice.

I also suffer from a generic condition Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHMS) which leaves me tired and in constant pain. Forced to give up full-time work ten years ago, I returned to academic study before beginning work first as a university support worker and more recently as a history lecturer and personal tutor at a general FE institute.

I was also diagnosed with dyslexia and anxiety during these years. I have had a long battle to regain the bounce I lost during these years…but it is slowly returning and I now use my experiences to help my students.

I have also decided to blog about my experiences and attempt to rediscover the histoytiglet I was ten years ago (‘cos I liked history and was little and bounced a lot).

I also care deeply about my friends and family and plan to spend the summer socialising. 🙂


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