Letting go…the yo-yo year

Letting go of the yo-yo year

Letting go of the ups and downs

A year began on crutches and struggling in pain

A year ended in stress and ill-health

A year we lost Arthur and almost my Nan

Yet, also the year I finished my teaching diploma

The year I began to teach English as well as History

The year I was published and presented at conference

The year friendships developed and waned

The new ones to pursue with joy, the old to substance with love and hope, the decision to let go of the hurt of betray not yet reached for others

Family time all to short, the reminder they may not be around forever brought home

The year of yo-yoing up and down

Wishing for an easier year but that is unlikely to be

New adventures, challenges and trials await

My life is never easy, and the next steps may be hard

New teaching, study, adventure and joys

So I wave goodbye to the old year

Wave goodbye to the ‘why me?’

Its always going to be ‘why me’, for the road is never easy

But the decisions made, the lessons learned, the hope inside, the connections of blood and friendship will see me through the other side

So ‘why me’ but ‘why not me’?

So here’s to the new adventure, the new year.

Whatever hits me I will plod on

So goodbye to the old and welcome to the new

As I let go of 2016, the hope and love, gloom and hurt, the yo-yoest year so far known.


As I attempt to log the next years adventures, The highs and Lows. I am going for the #weeklyblogchallenge2017 although I might fail as I always do in the attempts to record activities in term time…..





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