The Highs and Lows of BGUs “Closing the Gap” Conference

Copy of The Highs and Lows (1)  Its been a while since a proper History or teaching post, so a review of the “Closing the Gap” I attended last week seems a good place to start. It was the first FE sector conference run by BGU and contained some excellent speakers. We were part of the wider “Closing the Gap” conference but had our section. Highs Trevor Gordon was an amazing and inspiring speaker. A man who can talk about equality and diversity for one hour and 45 minutes and keep his audience engaged is outstanding. If you ever get chance to hear him do. Sue Wallace talking about closing the gap in FE. How the sector tends to attract weaker students who have struggled at school and who often have additional needs. She referred to some interesting research into how we can close the gap, more reading to add to my summer list. Presenting my Action Research Project on “Making the Tudors Interesting” looking at if enjoyment affects learning and which activities have the highest impact on learning. It seemed to get a positive reception. However I probably got the sympathy vote having fallen splat on the floor just beforehand. Low A literal low. Sprained my ankle and falling splat on my face in the corridor in front of most of the delegates. I managed the speech and survived the rest of the day, after I had been picked up of the floor. But I could hardy move for two days and am still rather sore. But it was a good excuse to do some reading. More about my project in another blog post. TTFN.


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