Surviving two weeks of ofsted….

It’s been a long time since my last post but it’s been a long and busy term more of which in a bit….

So last week we had ofsted in college for a full college inspection, half our students were on study leave. Yep, ofsted thought it sensible to inspect a large FE institute in the middle of exams…..

A-levels didn’t get inspected in the end but there was the additional stress, my heart jumped every time anyone came near my classroom.

Then just as we were winding down we got the call to say they were coming to inspect our teacher training course. Yep, the different bits don’t speak to each other. It looked liked I might be observe twice but I only got done once and got a good with lots of elements of one, whoop.

This was my third observation by ofsted within a year as a teacher trainee and two have gone really well, one less so due to many reasons.

On top of the mass of course related obs and internal obs and walk throughs. I’m getting so used to them I can block out the observer.

But all this came on top of the final run up to exams and trying to figure out what might actual come up in the new exam specification. The last AS exam was today and seemed to go well.

Oh and the a2 coursework which was also called the week of ofsted.

Just now to get the a2 students through their exams and finish the rest of my coursework before I graduate (again) in July.

Plus trying to find time for some well earined rest.

Lots more to write but that’s another story. Night folks.


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