Happy Yuletide

Midwinter, the shortest day of the year, has long been celebrated, especially in northern climates with their long, dark winters.

It’s a recognition that the worst of the darkness is past and that we are heading slowly towards the return of warmth, light and hope.

It’s also a time for celebrating with friends and family, a time of plenty and fun, to recharge and prepare for the difficult times that will lay ahead. Spring marks the return of life but it is also the traditional time of hard work and limited resources as winter supplies run low and the new harvest has yet to appear with the abundance of summer.

Christmas was adopted by the Christain forefathers in the 4th century to combine the celebration of the birth of Christ with the older and varied pagan traditions.

The traditions and celebrations of this time of year are varied and great. Yet, they all celebrate surviving the long dark period; hope for the future; love and kindness; family and friendships.

It has been a difficult few months for me and my family. Yet, we have survived the darkness and although battles lay ahead, this is a chance to recharge, rest and spend time with love ones.

So I wish everyone joy, peace, health, happiness, understanding and kindness as we look to the light and warmth of spring.

Happy Yuletide. Dawn and all its beauty is on the way.


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