A.A. Milne

So its my last weekend of the freedom of the summer hols. I’ve been back at work a few weeks part-time but term begins with a full two day induction on Monday for the new AS’s.

I’ve had a deliberately extended approach to the hols – I know the additional stress, pain and illness that normally comes with winter is fast approaching…

However, the summer always comes again.

The artwork clip is from my favourite song Stay Alive.

My birthday weekend and the last weekend before I begin teaching, thus seemed a good end to my summer hols.

A pleasant lazy weekend beginning with Halle Orchestra at Lincoln Cathedral. Beautiful music in beautiful surroundings.

Then a lazy day with a nap, family meal and evening at pub with friends.

Tomorrow (day) since it is currently early hours of morning more socialising. 🙂

So interesting idea – what are my birthday/new academic year resolutions??

  1. Look after myself properly.
  2. Have more self-confidence
  3. Enjoy experimenting with new teaching ideas.
  4. Have fun!
  5. Be braver and follow my gut instincts.
  6. Continue to try and understand people more…
  7. To remember ‘Dawn is coming’ and things will get better even in the hardest times….

One thought on “35

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Great resolutions 🙂 we’re here to support you in them!!

    Good luck for the coming months… Love your focus on the coming dawn xx


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