My Summer 10


I have seen a few summer ten lists and thinking they are a good idea.

I have already been on holiday for a few weeks as the FE College I work at finishes earlier than school but I still think it is a good idea.

Winter is always a difficult time of year for me with my joints and tiredness but I have also suffered prolonged periods of ill-health during the last two winters which have meant I have turned into a complete social hermit and had no social life for months.

I keep a Facebook journal of my summer hols so that I have something fun to look back at during the difficult winter months.

I knew I planned to keep up with friends and family, rest, learn about social media and have fun. However, two things today have made me re-consider my aims for the summer (and into next academic year).

The sudden death of my younger cousin pushed me into applying and finally getting into teaching, which is the career I really wanted to pursue. I bounced through my first year but the last two years have being very difficult.

My JHMS means I am in constant pain and have to push myself to work. But I have realised I have come to accept as normal feeling rotten and useless. I need to respect my body’s limits and achieve a better life/work balance. In my hospital appointment today I was effectively told I must take better care of myself.

Today I have also read a moving blog about a father who put his work before his family and his relationship with his son suffered. I do not have children but I frequently put work before family, I get annoyed when asked to do something when I have piles of work to do and only a limited energy levels. A few days ago my sister asked why it had being so long since we had a heart to heart and I have enjoyed spending more time with her and my nephew these hols.

My summer 10:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Resting and not pushing my body too far
  3. Relaxing and finding time for me
  4. Catching up with friends and having fun
  5. Spending time with my family
  6. Doing stuff for pleasure i.e. reading and jewellery making
  7. Visiting places I want to (including but not limited to pubs and museums)
  8. Learning how to use social media
  9. Looking after myself
  10. Learning about the Tudors and preparing for next year….

What’s yours?


One thought on “My Summer 10

  1. Sounds like our heart to heart helped set the tone for your hospital appointment today, perhaps? Glad you’re realising you need to focus on looking after yourself and making sure you can enjoy life – it is so hard to do when just getting by takes so much effort and energy, isn’t it? We’ve enjoyed spending more time with you too 🙂


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