Hello All


Just a short 1st post to get me started. Celebrating my last day of term and having completed the year’s teaching. To say I nearly gave up teaching this year during a prolonged difficult period, I’m feeling proud of myself for not only surviving but having actually ended the year with extra bounce and confident. I actually haven’t felt this confidence and happy in years and I’m not sure where it has come from – but I’m embracing it and going with the flow.

I love my job teaching – I get paid to pass on the subject I am passionate about. However, the job is so demanding and I have a long-term health condition which means I suffer from constant fatigue and pain, which is made much worse by my job. I will typically get through a teaching day well but crash when I get home, which means that my social life from October-June is virtually none existent. I do think my experiences have made me a better teacher and personal tutor, I can use my experiences of ill-health, and dyslexia to help my students. Although, when they thank me for being so understanding I have so far refrained from saying why. Even at the worst times this year (and they were bad) I knew I had to keep going because some students relied on me and I knew that their future mattered (even if mine didn’t). Now I think my future matters too and that I have more to give.

I intend celebrating the summer hols to the full. I love my family and friends with a passion and love spending time with them – I’m beginning to think I will need a diary for my summer hols they are getting so busy.

This blog will be a mixture of History, education, politics, books, health, family and friends. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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